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Travel Journals - The International Pizza Expo 2014

Tutta Bella’s five Kitchen Managers landed in Vegas for International Pizza Expo. Although the city and so much pizza, pizza, pizza in one place was a bit overwhelming at first — they soon felt at home as they connected with Tutta Bella’s friends and partners. They were especially excited to spend time connecting with the team from the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana (VPN). Tutta Bella restaurants are all VPN Certified and our Kitchen Managers are always fine tuning their skills to continue to meet VPN standards.

Here are a few of their stories:

2014 International Pizza Expo
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Past Travel Journals

A Must See List

Simply Napoli

See Naples and its surrounding areas from a local's perspective and drink in the history, culture and beauty that this land and its people have to offer.

Salvatore and Katharine will show you the real Naples, off the beaten path pizzerias, cafes, museums, and hidden gems. If you would like an excursion to Pompeii or the Amalfi Coast, they will make sure you enjoy the journey in their comfortable cars and you will thank your lucky stars that you aren't trying to drive the crazy streets of Naples and surrounding Coast on your own.

After you've seen the places you've heard about (i.e. Positano, Ravello, Amalfi), Salvatore and Katharine will show you the off the beaten path beautiful hill towns and jaw-dropping vistas. They live up in the mountains above Amalfi and through their eyes, you will see an Amalfi Coast unseen by your friends and other tourists.  If you are a music lover, Salvatore will serenade you and expose you to the deep, rich musical Neapolitan culture, which dates back for centuries as well as modern Italian music. 

Ristorante la Capannina

Our favorite restaurant on the Amalfi Coast!  In fact, one of our pizza specials is named after Angela, who shared her famous lemon and prosciutto pizza and changed our taste buds forever.  Domenico and Angela and their sons Carlo and Giuseppe will take wonderful care of you as you sit on the terrazzo and soak in the spectacular view and local cuisine.  You will enjoy the drive up to Pogerola as you experience the real Amalfi Coast outside of the tourist areas.

Wineries to see: 

Feudi di San Gregorio 

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