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Tutta Bella Community And Donations

Connecting with Our Communities

Tutta Bella’s statements of Purpose, Values, and Vision are drawn together from a business recipe of Love, Community, Passion, Growth, and Innovation. These ideas are applied to our relationships with guests, vendors, coworkers, fellow businesses and very importantly, our neighbors. We always try to find a way to say yes.

Tutta Bella works within our communities in many different ways reflecting the myriad schools, organizations, and causes that are close to the hearts of our neighbors, coworkers and guests. Sometimes it’s by taking part in larger fundraising events like Slice of Hope, Dine Out for Life, or Seafair. If we are able to create an ongoing partnership with an organization such as Food Lifeline throughout all of our locations, then we will. Another way that we say yes is by the General Manager of each Tutta Bella location choosing an organization to partner with for a year like we currently are with Solid Ground, The Millionair Club Charity, Rainier Valley Food Bank, Bellevue Schools Foundation, Kindering and Amara.

The way that we reach the largest number of organizations is through requests by our guests, coworkers and neighbors to provide gift cards for fundraisers to the organizations that benefit all of us by making our neighborhoods a better place to live and work.

To request a gift card for a non-profit community organization to use for fundraising, send all of the following information to community@tuttabella.com:

  • Organization Name
  • Non-Profit Federal Tax ID Number
  • Event Name, Date & Purpose
  • Organization / Event Contact Name, Address, Phone Number and E-Mail Address
  • Which Tutta Bella Location you would like to pick up the donation at?
  • Procurement Deadline/ When do you need to pick it up by? (We require 30 days to process each request)

Community Events

Mayor Nickles thanks Tutta Bella Founder

Mayor Nickels thanks Tutta Bella Founder for donatiing food to local event.

Tutta Bella join neighborhood parade

Tutta Bella joins neighborhood parade.

Tutta Bella Supports Rainier Valley Food Bank

Tutta Bella collects donations for Rainier Valley Food Bank.

SLU Block Pary

Tutta Bella Westlake participates in the Annual South Lake Union Block Party to benefit local charities.

Tutta Bella Team Boat Building At Seafair 2009

Seafair Milk Carton Derby -
Tutta Bella team milk carton boat building.

Tutta Bella Team Finishes Boat First Seafair 2009

Seafair Milk Carton Derby -
Tutta Bella teamwork finishes milk carton boat build first.

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